XTRA™ ScentSations™ Calypso Fresh™ Liquid Detergent

XTRA™ ScentSations™ Calypso Fresh™ Liquid Detergent

Sunny tropical nuances of mango and pineapple are intertwined with the freshness of apple, peach, honeydew and kiwi. The sparkling fruity notes lend additional brightness to a youthful bouquet of jasmine, lilac, gardenia and plumeria. This vibrant, colorful scent is backed with raspberry and musk. Available in 175 oz., and 250 oz.

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XTRA™ Comparison Chart

  Pure Clean Freshness Herbal Green Freshness Delicate Floral Freshness Tropical Vibrant Freshness Warm Comforting Freshness
Laundry Detergents
Calypso Fresh       X  
Lavender & Sweet Vanilla   X      
Mountain Rain   X      
Plus OxiClean X        
Sensitive Scents Rain Lily & Aloe     X    
Sparkling Fresh Plus Bleach X        
Spring Sunshine     X    
Summer Fiesta       X  
Tropical Passion       X  
Warm Vanilla Comfort         X
Liquid Fabric Softeners
Fresh Cotton Breeze X        
Mountain Rain   X      
Summer Fiesta       X