Fabric Softeners

Always Soft XTRA™ Fresh!

XTRA™ NICE ‘N FLUFFY™ Liquid Fabric Softeners are formulated to work with XTRA™ Detergents to enhance the layered-scent experience. Make everything you wear irresistibly soft with a long-lasting scent!

Which XTRA® Fabric Softener is Right For You?

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XTRA™ Comparison Chart

  Fruity Fragrance Floral Fragrance Fresh Fragrance With Bleach Alternative With Softener
Liquid Detergents
Fresh Cotton Breeze     X    
Escape Lavender & Sweet Vanilla plus Softener   X     X
Mountain Rain     X    
Sparkling Fresh with Color Safe Bleach Alternative     X X  
Lasting ScentSations™ Spring Sunshine X        
Tropical Passion   X      
Fresco ScentSations™ Calypso Fresh X        
Fresco ScentSations™ Summer Fiesta   X      
Lasting ScentSations™ Apple Citrus X        
Fabric Softeners
Nice 'N Fluffy™ Fresh Cotton Breeze     X    
Nice 'N Fluffy™ Lavender & Sweet Vanilla   X      
Nice 'N Fluffy™ Mountain Rain     X    
Nice 'N Fluffy™ Summer Fiesta   X      

The XTRA Advantage

Maximize laundry fragrance with XTRA™
Maximize laundry fragrance with XTRA™